Mapping the future of aviation

September 6, 2021

Customer: Haysys Ltd
Location: United Kingdom


With airspace congestion increasing, the focus on aircraft safety is a top priority for airport operators. Engineering company Haysys needed to understand whether an aircraft can be detected by ground control stations using direction finders.


To maintain safety, Haysys requested ATDI produce coverage predictions for seven airports across Belgium, using a 10W transmitters at different heights (1,000 ft, 1,500 ft and 4,500ft). These heights replicated the aircraft at the various stages of take-off and landing, as well as those en route.


At project kick-off, ATDI created high-resolution map data sets for the proposed airports, to model the coverage in HTZ Communications. The map data was imported into HTZ Communications, ATDI’s radio planning tool, to create coverage plots for each site at the given heights.

The outputs from the study were 21 coverage maps; three coverage plots for each airport at each height. These plots will enable airport operators to review their current network coverage and make improvements if they don’t meet regulations.

ATDI has extensive experience working with airports, national civil aviation authorities and military air forces, supporting their work to maintain aircraft safety.

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