Defence industry meets face-to-face

March 15, 2022

After a 30-month wait, the World Defence Show opened its doors last week in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The show looked at the latest defence technology developments, showcasing innovative new products for the air, land and sea defences,  and demonstrating the growing interoperability capabilities in the defence industry. Yahya Khaled, Technical Director of the Middle East and the ATDI team welcomed guests and discussed a variety of subjects, including modelling the impact of radars across the Kingdom, specifically modelling the impact of 5G towers on aeronautical altimeters and ATC radars.

ATDI showcased their GIS map data library for KSA and the Middle East. Users can access this royalty-free database of maps for use directly with HTZ, saving valuable time and project finances on sourcing and producing datasets. The library includes various digital terrain models (DTM), clutter and 3D building datasets. This dataset provides access to high-resolution 2m map datasets with 3D building layers, relevant for modelling emerging technologies like 5G. The team noted an increased interest in land classifications to support AI, statistical modelling and analytics for targeted investments.

After a bumpy start to the show after air displays were grounded on the first day due to inclement weather, the remaining show days provided a variety of defence demonstrations from autonomous vehicles to the latest anti-drone technology.

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