Satellite coordination solution for Spanish regulator

May 23, 2022

Customer: Mineco, National regulator

Location: Spain


With national spectrum regulators under pressure to make efficient use of radio spectrum, Mineco purchased an automated spectrum management solution to strengthen their role. This solution covered the whole remit of the radio spectrum, including satellite communications.

The Space Services Department (SSD) at Mineco is responsible for coordination and recording procedures for space systems and earth stations. Their daily tasks include the administrative procedures for the coordination and notification, as well the spectrum engineering analysis to regulate the efficient use of the radio spectrum.

Project aims:

The SSD’s specific requirements relating to satellite coordination included:

  • Importing, carrying out queries and regularly updating the Space Radiocommunications Stations (SRS) and BRIFIC databases.
  • Examining coordination requests and completing SSD studies to determine the level of interference into frequency assignments from its own networks or stations, or interference to assignments of the proposed network or station by its own assignments.
  • Coordinating contours and undertaking power-limit calculations for earth stations.
  • Incorporating licensing procedures for VSAT & satellite assignments.
  • Updating notification procedures and recording space network frequency assignments in the Master International Frequency Register (MIFR).
  • Carrying out various calculations and technical engineering analyses on geostationary satellite networks, non-GSO and constellations, including:
  • checking the conformity of an assignment for the PFD limits (in accordance with Article 21 & Appendices 30 and 30B of the Radio Regulations);
  • interference calculations based on C/I, Delta T over T for services, other space services (in accordance with Appendix 30, Annex 1, Sections 3 and 6 and Appendix 30, Annex 4 and in the application of Annex 3 of Appendix 30B) and on Earth stations relating to Appendix 7;
  • calculating power controls to determine permitted increase in EIRP during rain attenuation for assignments over the plan values according to the method described in Appendix 30A, Annex 3, section 3.11.
  • Undertaking coexistence studies to analyse scenarios like space services vs. fixed services and IMT-2020.
  • Implement analysis-based agreements reached WRC-19 (e.g. regulation for non-geostationary satellite constellations in the 40/50 GHz bands, between satellite broadcasting and L-band IMT, protection of the 23.6-24 GHz passive band required for weather satellites, etc.)


ATDI has delivered a civil spectrum management system consisting of HTZ Communications, ATDI’s RF technical analysis tool, ICS Manager its automated spectrum database solution and Antios, an antenna design solution for improved antenna occupancy and reduced interference.

Users were familiarised with spectrum management solutions with a custom training course, and followed periodic training courses to ensure they kept up to date with the latest protocols associated with their role.

For full details of ATDI’s ASMS, visit here:

ATDI continues to provide ongoing support and services to Mineco, enabling the spectrum management solution to develop in line with new regulations and industry demands.

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