HTZ Communications: 1st choice for wireless connectivity for South America’s Open Mine operators

May 30, 2024

As the mining industry evolves, smart mines must seamlessly integrate multiple systems and applications to maintain operations using wireless networks. To support this demand, ATDI offers HTZ Communications, enabling mine operators to design, plan and manage wireless connectivity for their autonomous fleets, including trucks and drills.

Given the constantly changing environment within a mine, operators need to identify and predict how landscape changes impact network quality. HTZ addresses this by simulating network coverage, importing updated environmental data to calculate coverage based on terrain changes, and performing other RF functions such as identifying the best server, composite coverage, and coverage overlap.

Operator Netaxion reports significant improvements in network availability with HTZ, increasing from 97.98% to 99.99%. Previously, the operator used monitoring devices to analyse frequencies for interference. With HTZ, they have seen notable improvements in network capacity and coverage, directly attributed to the accuracy of propagation models implemented in HTZ, and its management of other functions like interference analysis and the use of population data.

HTZ manages a wide range of technologies from a few kHz to 1 THz, covering the entire lifecycle of radio networks. Key features include optimal location and site search to enhance network coverage and capacity, environmental modelling using high-resolution datasets and 3D models, and the ability to model outdoor-to-indoor communications, accounting for penetration and absorption losses to ensure buildings and structures do not impact coverage or cause interference. HTZ also supports dynamic spectrum access with frequency coordination and automated site planning, facilitating spectrum sharing and improving network connectivity.

Alongside Netaxion, ATDI works with other leading mining organisations like BHP, Rio Tinto and consultancy firms like Stracon. View our latest video on advanced network planning in a mine environment here (insert link).

Mining in South America
Open-pit mining in South America is pivotal to the continent's economy. Despite generating substantial revenue, it poses environmental and social challenges, requiring sustainable practices and regulations. Netaxion operates mines in Chile and Peru, focussing on extracting copper and gold.

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