Managing drones - modelling coverage and DF and jammers in the battlespace

Drone use is on the rise with significant numbers used for offensive and defensive manoeuvres in the battlespace. This session will demonstrate how to plan, simulate, and optimise anti-drone systems. Using HTZ, the presenter will cover the wealth of features available to support this capability. The session will broadly cover the following points:

  • Use of GIS datasets to support planning and modelling
  • Direction Finding (DF) coverage modelling and analysis
  • The use of DF localization accuracy maps
  • Camera visibility analysis
  • DF location optimization
  • Jamming analysis to ensure mission success
  • Radar modelling and analysis
  • Jammer Vs RDF – interference analysis What is RDF
  • Radar to Radar interference analysis
  • Location optimization to mitigate interference
  • Frequency optimization and conflict resolution

The functions shown in this session can be applied to military and civil domains, supporting information gathering as well as their use at large, outdoor events and protecting sensitive areas like airports.

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