Accurate modelling for railway comms

March 24, 2022

HTZ has unparalleled capabilities for modelling and simulating radiofrequency systems in rail environments like GSM-R and LTE-R. It features fully deterministic propagation models that are well suited to profile-specific environments such as rail. Unlike classical mobile networks, railways are defined by a line, with each step along with that line needing coverage. Effectively this is a mission-critical network with a single overlay.

To achieve the required levels of coverage, users are advised to construct a 5m digital terrain, clutter and urban model for cities and suburban areas.

ATDI has extensive experience modelling and simulating radio coverage for railway networks across Europe, Australia and Malaysia. Our software solution, HTZ is used for network planning and modelling. Map data is manipulated within the tool in 2.5 and 3D format. ATDI offers a comprehensive library of royalty-free datasets available to users in different resolutions for import directly into the tool. HTZ supports model tuning and verification for propagation models including clutter models for rail simulations and measurements correlation before tuning.

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