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July 28, 2022

HTZ is recognised for its accuracy and industry-specific propagation models across the aviation sector. The ATDI technical team use HTZ for customer RF studies, often filling in competence gaps within an organisation and providing expertise as required. The team undertook a recent study to understand the impact of a new building on existing comms systems, including ground-to-air and ground comms. 

Modelling the impact of the new building on VHF coverage 

ATDI completed a simulation to understand the impact of a new building within the airfield. The study used a 5m digital terrain model with associated building and clutter data for the area. The footprint for the new building was overlaid on the map and Deygout 94 propagation model was applied. Simulations were undertaken at 1m for ground users and 3m for aircraft receiver heights. The study looked at outdoor coverage and applied filters for the areas of interest. As an output, ATDI supplied coverage plots for receive and transmit sites with a field strength below ICAO recommendations. Areas falling short of these recommendations were identified and proposed alternatives offered as part of the mitigation plan.

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