Network Coverage study at Oil Refinery

November 18, 2021

ATDI conducts an RF study for an oil refinery to understand the impact of relocating a TETRA base station on network coverage.

Telecom system integrator Emircom was engaged by Wison Engineering Ltd on behalf of Saudi Aramco. They needed to relocate one of their TETRA sites to a new location at the Shaybah NGL Plant, KSA. The aim was to understand the impact this move would have on reception in the operational area. The new base station site would provide continuous coverage across two operational areas, along with another existing TETRA base station. But, the new site would not be fully functional immediately. The study showed the impact on the overall coverage during the move and once the new site was active. The study also identified the coverage capabilities of the new site operating on its own.

Oil Refinery in Saudi Arabia
Shaybah Oil Refinery

The ATDI team used a high resolution 2m digital terrain map and a 3D clutter model. This allowed the engineering team to model the refinery area and nearby area up to 4.7km². HTZ modelled the impact of the refinery environment that affected signal attenuation and distortion. In addition to taking into account 3D reflections. HTZ modelled penetration losses for different scenarios, including outdoor to indoor signal loss and the effects of signal absorption on network coverage.

ATDI also supplied a full report of the modelling, simulation and prediction outputs from the study. The KMZ files from the study were overlaid in Google Earth.

Emircom is a leading telecom system integrator for the UAE & Saudi Arabia. They specialise in system integration and project management with markets across ICT and telecom services, covering a host of technologies and supporting the oil and gas industry.  

ARAMCO is Saudi Arabia’s national oil and gas company and one of the largest organisations in the world. Operating in some of the harshest regions of the earth, the Shaybah refinery has been extracting natural gas liquids (NGL) since 2015.

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