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June 29, 2023

Catch up on the latest sales and business development activity across the globe. This month’s focus looks at the latest activity in Africa.

POTRAZ - Zimbabwe

The national regulator of Zimbabwe, POTRAZ, acquires ICS RF Allocations to manage their national frequency allocation table. Used in stand-alone mode or as a plug-in to ICS Manager (ATDI's spectrum management solution), ICS RF Allocations allows regulators to create compatible frequency allocation tables for comparison with other national regulators. The software came with a custom training course, working alongside their existing licenses of HTZ Communications for RF planning and modelling and ICS Manager, ATDI’s spectrum management solution.

TCRA – Tanzania

TCRA, the national regulator of Tanzania, awards ATDI their preferred supplier for an automated spectrum management solution. Currently using ATDI’s flagship spectrum engineering tool, HTZ Communications, the regulator purchased licenses of ICS Manager. This comprehensive spectrum database solution will allow the regulator to manage and optimise their radio spectrum, enable frequency sharing, and automate frequency assignment. As part of the organisation's development plans, the TCRA team are looking to implement ICS Portal, ATDI’s ASMS web service, along with ICS RF allocations. ICS Portal features a powerful spectrum engineering database engine that allows complex spectrum coexistence and coordination workflows to be automated. This customer-facing portal lets users consult a centralised database before they make license applications for radio spectrum and equipment.

ZICTA – Zambia

Zambian national regulator, ZICTA, continues to use HTZ Communications as their chosen RF planning and modelling tool. ZICTA renewed their annual maintenance contract for HTZ for three more years, reinforcing the regulator's reliance on this software to manage its spectrum assets. Previously using ICS Telecom, the regulator upgraded to HTZ Communications, which has proven to consistently supply reliable results. ATDI’s maintenance contract allows access to the technical support helpdesk, the latest software updates and download maps from ATDI’s cartographic library. This map data collection contains a large volume of royalty-free map data in different resolutions. For more information about this resource, contact us today.

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