Newsletter - April 2020

April 28, 2020

Dear Valued Customers


First off, we would like to wish you and your loved-ones are healthy and safe. No doubt ,in this unprecedented times of an invisible threat of COVID-19 many lives and businesses have been impacted. We, in ATDI, like many other companies have re-organised ourselves to better serve our customers in this unusual circumstance. But please rest assured that we are here to help you whenever you need us. To practice social distancing, our staff are working from home and all our trainings have moved online. Although many prefer class-run trainings, many of our customers are enjoying the more economical option of the online training.

As for this newsletter, we have decided to regularly share the latest news and changes in our company as well as in our suite of software. We will only broadcast these newsletters whenever we think there is information beneficial to our customers so it won't become an annoying spam which we all hate.

If you have any feedback or comments or you need our assistance please feel free to reach out. Please take care and stay safe.



  • 5G Webinar

In the rise of 5G in 2020, it is a good time to showcase HTZ's 5G planning capabilities. That's why ATDI has planned an upcoming public 5G webinar on Tuesday 12th of May 2020. In order to cover all time zones, there will be 2 sessions in the day so all our customers from around the glob will have a chance to attend.

The invitation will follow in a separate email or you could find the ad in our social media pages shortly. The webinar will be presented via ZOOM and many interesting 5G topics will be covered. Watch the space for the invitation.

  • ATDI Online Training

Normally, technical trainings are quite involved, lengthy and expensive. We in ATDI south pacific have decided to offer online short courses for individuals who want to make the most of staying home. The courses are from a set list of designated topics aiming at a quick refresher or upskilling on specific topics for professional engineers. These virtual interactive programs are organised in modules of 3 or 6 hours and cover a wide range of topics in Radio Communications. Additional topics of interest can be accommodated based on demand. If you are interested, a separate email on this topic will follow or you can contact us at any time.



Just a quick reminder that the latest releases of our HTZ Communications (v22.5.5) and HTZ Warfare (v22.5.5) software are available to download from the CRM account. It is strongly recommended to use the latest software releases to benefit from all the latest features.

Our documentations are also constantly being updated. For people who are interested in radar systems, we have revised our radar documents (version 3) and they are now published in CRM.



Quite often people miss out on the new feature announcements or just simply forget if a feature has not been used frequently. We could all related to finding out that our car or microwave oven had a very interesting feature but we didn't know even after using them for many years. How often someone reads the entire manual of their microwave oven or checks the release notes when downloading the latest version of a software? Probably never. That is why in this section we try to introduce the newly added capabilities or post a reminder on a useful existing one. I would like to call it the "Did you know" section????.

For this newsletter we will look at the multi-threaded calculation and leaky feeder simulation in HTZ

By the way, if someone is interested in the latest software release notes and wants to see what has changed or improved over time , they are always available in CRM and next to where you download the latest versions.

It worth mentioning that our Youtube channel is also active and we regularly post videos on interesting topics:

ATDI South Pacific Youtube Channel


Multi-computer Multi-threaded Processing

In this day and age, most of of our computers have muti-core CPUs. But not all programs are able to utilise the full extent of what the machine can offer. That becomes an important issue if you are tasked with calculating hundreds or thousands of transmitters and you are up against a tight project deadline. Did you know that HTZ is now equipped with a multi-computer multi-threaded engine which can crunch your coverage calculations faster than ever? "Remote Processing" option which is available under DB station allows to share the calculation load amongst up to 4 machines and run multiple threads on each of them. Below is an example of what can be achieved with the HTZ parallel processing function:

  • Cores 8 @ 2400MHz
  • Ram: 32 GB
  • Number of transmitters: 640
  • Number of computers: 1
  • Number of threads: 8
  • Coverage radius: 2 km
  • Map resolution: 2 meters
  • Propagation model: Deygout 94

Total simulation time: 5 minutes

It should be noted that there are licencing considerations in using this feature and it is best suited where a pool of licences are shared on a server. Please contact us if you are interested to know more about remote processing.

Leaky Feeder Simulation

Did you know that HTZ is capable of simulating leaky feeders inside tunnels? As you probably know, editing and converting cartographic data is a strength of the HTZ software. For instance, the AUTOCAD files (.DXF) can be easily and quickly converted into a raster DTM. Simulating a leaky feeder will be as easy as drawing a path along the tunnel and associating a transmitter to it. Please contact us if you are interested to know more about leaky feeders.


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