Newsletter - November 2023

November 29, 2023
WRC-23 Dubai

#WRC-23 Update: As we enter the second week of this four-week event, the ATDI team is actively engaging with delegates. Our dedicated team members are sharing insights into the latest developments to ATDI’s automated spectrum management solutions covering all areas of spectrum regulation, including spectrum engineering across all bands, satellite, EMF and terrestrial services, a web-serviced license management platform, and our latest FAT editor. To learn more about our product portfolio, visit the ATDI Stand #D3 in Zabeel 6.

In addition to our regular software updates and map data releases, this month's newsletter focuses on the Romanian broadcaster, SRR, showcasing how HTZ supports digital broadcast planning for all broadcast technologies. Learn how they leverage broadcast-specific propagation models for assessing ground and tropospheric waves, enabling precise day/night coverage and interference analysis.

We are delighted to announce that ATDI Ltd has achieved ISO 9001 accreditation, recognising its commitment to maintaining quality across its processes.

Our software and map data are accessible via the CRM. Interested in discussing the latest version of HTZ, please reach out to the ATDI team.

With best wishes from the ATDI Team

HTZ Updates – v.2023.10.2 + 2023.3

Fig. 1 Day/Night map computes coverage from the Longitude of the selected point.

Explore the array of the latest new features in this month's release: HTZ v.2023.10.2 & 10.3. Users can access the latest release through the customer portal.

Night & Day map = Right-click on map/coverage: compute night and day from the Longitude of the selected point.

Coverage = 0 dB echo coverage map added. NB. if stations 3G/4G/5G: best server RS map is used, otherwise RSSI best server map.

Spectrum / Windfarm / Convert wind turbine to DTM or Building = With the option to change DTM.
NB. If building: the maximum height of the wind turbine depends on the building range (preferences dialogue box)

From 0 to 254 -> WT mast height + WT blade size cannot exceed 254 m
From 0 to 512 -> WT mast height + WT blade size cannot exceed 512 m

Update TS/Rif: takes ETSI class (if filled) to find the masks.

Spectrum/ Windfarm/ Wind turbine vs radar coverage = Computes interference on radars from wind turbines (radar rotating antenna) and computes radar coverage according to the threshold degradation calculated for each azimuth.

Preferences / Change link colour if conflicting

New behaviour if unchecked and if user-defined colour (object properties - F5 key): links take the colour of the Tx station.

For full details of the latest updates, please visit here.

Romanian Radio Chooses HTZ for Broadcast Network Design

ATDI is set to deliver HTZ Communications, its flagship radio network prediction and design tool, in collaboration with local partner iQual Tech to Radio Romania - Societatea Romana de Radiodifuziune (SRR).

SRR is Romania's national broadcaster that manages a diverse range of broadcast networks, including DAB+, FM radio, and UL/UM (LF/MF). Seeking to enhance their network design, planning, and optimisation capabilities, SRR chose HTZ. ATDI is providing Geographic Information System (GIS) and Population data, complemented by specialized technical training and support.

HTZ boasts key features tailored to the intricate needs of modern broadcasting. It supports specialised functions for DAB+ digital radio, facilitating planning and analysis for both individually assigned frequency transmitters (MFN) and single frequency assigned transmitters (SFN). This empowers SRR to conduct complex coverage analysis of digital transmitters on new frequencies, meeting the requirements of the National Audiovisual Council of Romania (CNA) for designing new digital terrestrial broadcasting networks.

Adhering to EBU TR 025, EBU Tech 3391, and GE06 standards, HTZ ensures seamless coordination procedures and compatibility checks. This guarantees optimal protection ratios and meticulous interference analysis across all technologies, including DRM+.

In LF/MF mode, HTZ supports longwave and mediumwave frequency ranges, providing specialised functions for planning and analysing amplitude modulation radio networks. Propagation models for ground and tropospheric waves enable precise day/night coverage predictions and interference calculations.

Explore Our Latest Cartography Releases

Microwave Link displayed in 3D
Microwave Link displayed in 3D

Check out the latest cartographic datasets released. These royalty-free datasets are a valuable addition to your cartographic toolkit and are accessible to the customer portal.  Here's a summary of the data resolutions and their locations:

1m resolution (DTM/Clutter/Buildings): Oespel, Germany. Woodfibre, Canada. Hasselt, Belgium.

5m resolution (DTM/Clutter/Buildings): American Samoa, USA.

10m resolution (DTM/Clutter): Manila, Philippines. Canary Islands (population).

20m resolution (DTM/Clutter): Korea (South part + South Japan). Romania (population). Bangladesh. Malaysia conductivity map.

25m resolution (Population): Spain

90m resolution (DTM/Clutter): France +500km

100m resolution (Population): India (raster population). Korea (conductivity). Korea +1000km (SRTM).

To learn more about our latest cartography releases and how to access them through valid maintenance contracts, please get in touch with your local sales office.

ATDI Ltd was awarded ISO 9001:2015 accreditation

ATDI Ltd is pleased to announce the successful accreditation to ISO 9001:2015. The endeavours of the UK office in securing this accreditation underscores its adherence to regulatory standards within its internal processes. The accreditation evidences their commitment to maintaining quality standards for products and services.

This internationally recognised standard aims to instil confidence in customers, providing peace of mind that accredited companies adhere to rigorous quality management practices. Focusing on risk-based thinking, ATDI Ltd identifies and mitigates risks and commits to the continuous improvement of all its processes. The overall benefits of enhanced quality assurance offer a competitive edge in the marketplace and are a valuable tool for organisations seeking to demonstrate their commitment to quality and excellence.

Stay updated with our latest events

ITU - WRC-23 – Dubai – 20 November – 15 December - Join our team at this prominent event held every four years. The ATDI Group will maintain an exhibition presence throughout the conference, offering access to our team of technical engineers for support, advice, and live demonstrations. The team will be hosting French tasting day on Thursday 30 November and 7 December.

AOC 2023 – National Harbour, MD – 11-13 December – Prepare for three days of enlightening keynote sessions, interactive breakout discussions, and tech-focused talks at the AOC's Annual International Symposium & Convention. This yearly assembly of industry experts in electronic warfare, electromagnetic spectrum operations, cyber-electromagnetic activities, and information operations is scheduled for December 2023.

See you there.

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