Transforming Railway Communications in Poland

February 23, 2024

Rail travel in Europe is integral to the continent's transportation infrastructure, delivering advantages like efficiency, accessibility, sustainability, and connectivity. In collaboration with ATDI, Poland continues to enhance its nationwide GSM-R network & mission-critical backhaul network to improve railway security and reliability.

To support the main contractor PKP, ATDI provides radio planning expertise for the design of the GSM-R network between various stations and railway lines, for this project, Katowice Piotrowice - Granica Nasze stations and the railway lines connecting the line No. 170 with the Wodzisław Śląski station and Jastrzębie-Zdrój Centrum. 

The ATDI Poland team performed radio calculations at the antenna reception height of the train to provide coverage along the railway line and conducted radio analysis at the height of the mobile phone antenna reception along the entire railway line up to 20 meters from the outermost tracks. The team adhered to strict conditions for international coordination to support interoperability and mitigate the risk of interference. 

Europe boasts an extensive network of high-speed rail lines. These high-speed trains offer rapid connections between major cities, promoting economic growth and tourism while reducing travel times

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