A growing trend for Private-LTE/5G networks

March 24, 2022

ATDI sees a global upturn in demand for private LTE/5G network planning and services. These networks span across industries including oil and gas, utilities, mining and wireless broadband. They support areas with poor network coverage or where the communication needs of an organisation are best served with a private network.  

ATDI recently joined the OnGo Alliance and will attend the first face-to-face members meeting in April. The Member's meeting will be held on April 11-14 in Philadelphia, PA and offers a variety of topics relating to the deployment of these networks.

ATDI will be introducing HTZ Communications to support radio network design and planning. Key features include coverage and capacity planning, automated site planning, cell optimisation and mesh network clustering. Network traffic is modelled against QoS and reliability targets and support for third-party hardware and equipment suppliers is available. HTZ robust propagation model engine can design outdoor, indoor, and outdoor-indoor networks. Additional features include 3D raytracing, beamforming and massive MIMO antennas via an integrated antenna database.

HTZ features interactive 3D city models and urban information. These royalty-free maps are available for the majority of urban cities of the US in 2m resolution with a 3D building layer. Private data can be imported and converted within the software to model specific environments such as mines, oil & gas plants, buildings and tunnels. HTZ features geo-location functions for network deployment using high-resolution datasets.

Check out our recent case study about private-LTE transforming automation in mines.

OnGo Alliance
The OnGo Alliance supports the common interests of its 200 members, implementers and operators for the development, commercialisation and adoption of LTE and 5G NR solutions for the US 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service. 

CBRS is at the forefront of spectrum sharing in the US. Its supporters believe it will transform the mobile communications industry on a global scale. CBRS users are divided into three tiers: incumbents, priority access license and general authorised to access. The third tier is ideal for private LTE and 5G networks.

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