Product Updates - November 2021

November 22, 2021

Catch up with our latest product software updates in this months’ product demo. The recording takes you through the latest functions in HTZ Warfare and HTZ Communications - Release v. 23.4.2.

HTZ Warfare

  • OTM – checks the efficiency of mobile jammer along the vector path and point to point interference.

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HTZ - Spectrum planning features

  • GE06 conformity indicates issues at test points for broadcast coordination.
  • Reducing the power of activated station without impacting coverage or increasing interference.
  • Access to ICS Manager no-DB has moved Tools > Extensions. For more information about how to connect to external databases like ITU/BRIFIC/FCC directly from HTZ, watch our latest tutorial.
  • Sound coverage – to understand how sound propagates from a specific site or station
  • Coverage overlap – this feature allows a given station to be deactivated without impacting the global overlap.  A min. overlap can be defined should a station be removed or lost.

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HTZ Interface & reporting features

  • Update parameters of MW stations on the map from ASCII file, removing the need to reimport data.
  • License management – for users with restricted permissions or admin access to the license files will be managed by the ProgramData folder, giving users easier controls for license management.
  • Exporting coverage – enables report to be created in csv. format of stations used in the coverage report including status of each station.
  • Action code – CCTV coverage – specifies in kmz file of the CCTV coverage in a given area. NB. Action codes - A full list Action codes is available here.

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