HTZ Publisher

Cloud-based coverage sharing platform
Shares coverages calculations
Flexible deployment options
Suitable for Mission support control rooms
Intuitive user interface
No training required
Browser-based App for PC, tablet or phone

Product Overview

HTZ Publisher is a cloud-based solution for sharing coverage outputs flexibly and securely.

Compatible with HTZ, it publishes coverage calculations to both internal and external users on high-resolution maps. The browser-based app can be accessed on a PC, tablet or phone. It features automated workflows which remove the need for user interactions with HTZ and allow calculations to be made automatically.

The intuitive user interface requires no training and pre-rendered maps remove overhead delays. The optimised map data formats allow large datasets to be published quickly and easily.

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HTZ Publisher distributes coverage outputs for cellular, Wi-Fi, PMR and broadcast technologies.

End users can view simplified coverage maps for their chosen area. They can exploit third-party map providers like Mapbox™ and ArcGISTM or use self-hosted datasets. As an output, light-weight tiles are exported to users (auto coverage tiling), with limits set for tile streaming to services such as Google maps. Tiles can be streamed in multiple resolutions depending on the scale level while maintaining a constant data rate.

Multiple-layer coverages can be displayed alongside prospective coverage plots. HTZ Publisher combines and overlaps coverage plots created in HTZ onto high-resolution map data (1-2m). Users view simplified coverage outputs (throughput or RSRP) with personalised palette options.

A map widget can be embedded into any existing website or portal with minimal changes required.

Key features include:

  • Data friendly - a data-centric solution that is suitable for virtual machine (VM) deployment with Windows,  Built-on Docker and Linux. The app can be installed on single or multiple VMs;
  • Scalable - it features a load-balancer for managing critical services and adapts easily to increased demands on the service owing to its vCPU/RAM environment;
  • GIS data overlay – allowing terrain shade-view, clutter, population, sites and vectors. Publishes and shares detailed coverages for internal and public use. With private and public hosting available;
  • Easy coverage updates - via a portal to coverage and GIS layers. Sync and API support available;
  • Multi-layers – enabling the user to select multiple coverage analysis layers;
  • Modular –its plug-in/plug-out architecture supports a container approach to storing faults, upgrades and outages;
  • Flexible hosting options - available as a subscription or perpetual basis from a private cloud solution or intranet;
  • Secure - applies an encrypted SSL reverse-proxy architecture for both front/back end and adheres to industry-standard Auth 2.0 and SSO;
  • Adheres to standards - GIS compatible /WMS 1.3.0. Enterprise-friendly as a result of domain-specific SSO;
  • Address lookup - built-in address validation and overlay.

HTZ Publisher is well suited to Mission control rooms because it features:

  • An easy to use interface
  • Requires no specific RF-knowledge
  • Is simple to install
  • Overlays the latest heat maps published by mission planning departments.
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This flexible solution can be deployed to meet the end users’ exact requirements. ATDI offer a configuration service with deployments defined according to existing infrastructures.

Access to the software:

  • Internal/Intranet (private) for local LAN access only with support
  • Cloud (private) managed by ATDI or the end-user using data centres with access via a dedicated machine or VM/s
  • ATDI shared-Cloud hosted and managed by ATDI and accessible on a subscription basis. This offers instant access to the service which can be scaled depending on demand.

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