October 27, 2022

As our airspace becomes more congested and demand for housing grows, the aviation sector is turning to ATDI to understand the impact of new housing developments on aeronautical equipment in the vicinity of airports.

ATDI has been working alongside leading aviation consultants, AGL Aviation to model the impact of proposed new high-rise developments on Israel’s largest airport’s radars and VOR stations. A joint working group saw representatives from AGL, the national civil aviation authority and the airport authority define the project scope and identify the format for outputs. The studies looked at the impact on primary surveillance radars, secondary surveillance radars and VOR stations.

Radar calculations were performed at different altitudes from the target: for example, 800 ft. (243.8m) / 1 500 ft. (457.2m) / 2 000 ft. (609.6m) and 2 500 ft. (762.0m) AMSL. For the VOR station, calculations were undertaken at different altitudes of aircraft: for example, 2 000 ft. (609.6m) and 3 000 ft. (914.4m) AMSL.

The operational areas around the airport were displayed as SHP polygons. The airport authority supplied map data for the airfield which was reconstructed directly in HTZ Communications. The overall study area was covered by maps supplied by ATDI. ATDI overlaid the proposed new buildings onto the map for modelling. Before and after scenarios were used to compare the difference based on a ‘worst-case’ scenario.

Fig. 1 RADAR 1 (PSR) - 800ft Coverage performed for an altitude of 800ft (243.8m) AMSL of the target

Conclusions identified the impact the new building/s had on the area covered at each target height considered for coverage differences greater than 1dB.

AGL Aviation
AGL Aviation are dedicated aviation consultants. Their services enable stakeholders to manage operational challenges, regulation (compliance, development) and infrastructure developments (from initial plans to design and from airspace to airports). So whether that’s a new airport that needs to be unified into the existing airspace or a real-estate project that needs to be built below aviation infrastructure, AGL provides expert advice on how to manage and mitigate risk and guarantee project success.

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