ATDI supplies cutting-edge technology and experience to the Wind farm industry

December 13, 2023

Semco Maritime, a prominent maritime service provider, looked to ATDI for expertise and cutting-edge technology to manage radio communications in wind farms. Operating in some of the world's most demanding environments, Semco specialises in supporting the offshore energy sector with a dedicated focus on renewable energy.

Semco has incorporated ATDI's flagship RF planning software, HTZ Communications, into its operations. This strategic move underscores Semco's commitment to leveraging state-of-the-art technology for the comprehensive design, planning, and optimisation of radio networks, specifically catering to private 4G networks.

Semco's use of HTZ Communications spans the entire network lifecycle from pre-design stages to ongoing network optimisation. The software allows them to assess the feasibility of network deployment, determine equipment requirements, and achieve key network performance indicators (KPIs) like data rates, coverage, and capacity. By leveraging HTZ, Semco optimises network designs before rollout, resulting in cost savings and minimising equipment costs.

Wind farms cover expansive areas often up to 200 km² and present unique challenges because of their susceptibility to extreme weather conditions, including high winds, temperature extremes, and lightning strikes. Semco relies on HTZ to conduct network designs focussing on interference analysis and coexistence. They assess local conditions and coordinate interference levels for up to 12 nautical miles, ensuring resilient network coverage and effective coexistence with other service users in the area.

Beyond improved data transfer rates, Semco recognises the broader benefits of 4G/5G private networks and highlights the introduction of new services, like the use of drones in wind farms. Drones play a crucial role in tower and blade inspections, as well as facilitating tasks like providing medical packs to injured personnel or supporting remote patient sensors.

HTZ is instrumental in Semco's validation and verification services. By gathering data using internal Customer Premises Equipment (CP) on vessels, Semco compares the finished network with original projections. The data gathered during the validation and verification process is then reused, serving as a baseline for future deployments based on previous experience and results.

Semco Maritime's strategic use of HTZ Communications underscores its commitment to providing robust and optimised private 4G networks. HTZ’s capabilities to manage interference analysis, coexistence, and perform network optimisation contribute significantly to Semco's success in delivering robust network solutions.

Semco Maritime
Semco Maritime specialises in engineering and contracting services to the offshore energy sector. They are experts in designing, building, and maintaining facilities for the oil and gas industry, as well as the renewable energy sector. Their services include engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and maintenance of offshore platforms, substation platforms, and other energy-related infrastructure. They work with clients in the oil and gas, wind energy, and power generation industries.

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