Spectrum Management Summit 2023

February 21, 2023

Video Timings

Session 1 (00:00): Our keynote speaker discussed the spectrum management challenges at the national and European levels. The session addressed some of the key initiatives from the RSPG, including RA/5G, Drones and MFCN, the 3.8-4.2GHz band and ITU 5.9GHz.

Session 2 (38:00): HTZ Communications update briefing focusing on the latest spectrum engineering features.

Session 3 (1:13:20): Spectrum coordination challenges & mitigation strategy: Satellite -vs- MW Links. This presentation shows how to leverage coexistence studies in shared bands between fixed service (FS) and fixed satellite service.

Session 4 (1:47:05): Protecting Aeronautical ATC Radars from 5G. This demo shows how to identify interference from 5G towers and potential mitigation techniques using the recognised interference criteria.

Session 5 (2:23:26): ICS Portal – spectrum applications management, automated spectrum assignment and network operations. This session demonstrates ATDI’s web solution for automating and streamlining spectrum management processes to improve performance.

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