ICS monitoring-SDRN Control serves 28 monitoring sites in India

August 1, 2023

ATDI deploys ICS monitoring-SDRN Control RT Light across 28 sites for Wireless Monitoring Organisation (WMO) in India. SDRN Control RT Light is the latest addition to the ATDI product portfolio and supports real-time spectrum monitoring.

The WMO, part of the Dept of Telecommunications, chose a turnkey solution integrating SDRN Control RT Light with Signal Shark by NARDA Safety Test Solutions. This real-time handheld spectrum analyser provides measurement feedback from monitoring and profiling frequencies from 9kHz to 6GHz nationwide.

The solution supports the storage of spectrum traces and recall/replay, produces IQ data recordings, defines multiple channels for measurement, and produces noise and bandwidth measurements. It also features spectrum reference masks to analyse and alert any signal non-compliance measured by the spectrum analyser.

This is the first deployment of this solution with our industry partner, NARDA Safety Test Solutions and its authorised distributor in India, Fastech Telecommunications.

ICS Monitoring-SDRN Control

ATDI develops a vendor-neutral, real-time spectrum monitoring analysis software solution, ICS monitoring SDRN-Control. Its signal analysis feature enables signal observation, direction finding, and signal recording of spectrum traces and IQ streams. Advanced features include signal alarming for any signal violation against a reference mask at any frequency within specified bands. Using the software's localisation features, a signal source location can be evaluated and viewed on the map, which is a baseline for electronic warfare map analysis. The electronic warfare map functions are located in a sub-suite of the software, SDRN RT Battlefield Management System Edition.

For more information about ICS Monitoring-SDRN Control, click here.

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