Romanian Radio chooses HTZ for Broadcast Network Design

November 29, 2023

ATDI delivers HTZ Communications, its flagship radio network prediction and design tool, in collaboration with local partner iQual Tech to Radio Romania - Societatea Romana de Radiodifuziune (SRR).

SRR is Romania's national broadcaster that manages a diverse range of broadcast networks, including DAB+, FM radio, and UL/UM (LF/MF). Seeking to enhance their network design, planning, and optimisation capabilities, SRR chose HTZ. ATDI is providing Geographic Information System (GIS) and Population data, complemented by specialized technical training and support.

HTZ boasts key features tailored to the intricate needs of modern broadcasting. It supports specialised functions for DAB+ digital radio, facilitating planning and analysis for both individually assigned frequency transmitters (MFN) and single frequency assigned transmitters (SFN). This empowers SRR to conduct complex coverage analysis of digital transmitters on new frequencies, meeting the requirements of the National Audiovisual Council of Romania (CNA) for designing new digital terrestrial broadcasting networks.

Adhering to EBU TR 025, EBU Tech 3391, and GE06 standards, HTZ ensures seamless coordination procedures and compatibility checks. This guarantees optimal protection ratios and meticulous interference analysis across all technologies, including DRM+.

In LF/MF mode, HTZ supports longwave and mediumwave frequency ranges, providing specialised functions for planning and analysing amplitude modulation radio networks. Propagation models for ground and tropospheric waves enable precise day/night coverage predictions and interference calculations.

About SRR:
For digital terrestrial broadcasting, SRR employs a T-DAB system, later upgraded to T-DAB in the VHF band (corresponding to the old 5-12 CCIR analogue terrestrial TV channels in the range 175-230 MHz). Under the Geneva Plan 2006, Romania was granted two multiplexes in channels 11 and 12. To date, Romania has not established how the licenses for these multiplexes are to be allocated or the conditions to be met by multiplex operators.

About iQual Tech:

IQT has successfully partnered with ATDI for many years, providing front-line support and a local office for the ATDI group in Romania. For more information, visit their website.

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