System integration for national spectrum regulators

July 12, 2021

Customer: Broadcast regulator
Location: European Union 


A European broadcast regulator needed to streamline its database for all radio and television stations across the country and manage international coordination. The project aimed to unify information from a range of sources and present it in a standard, easily accessible format. 

A common issue many organisations face is managing a range of different data sets emanating from various systems across the organisation. These datasets may have different formats, require different processing and handling and, added to that, they may have different transfer methods.


Before project kick-off, the project team reviewed all of the regulator's internal systems and processes. This provided them with a good understanding of the regulator’s current work practices and allowed the team to identify where improvements can be made.

The project applied a unified workflow approach for planning, coordination and notifications for users nationally and international coordination. The solution provided a seamless exchange of data between the database, licensing and the spectrum engineering platforms, and the solution enabled users to work in online and offline modes.

ICS Manager is ATDI’s spectrum planning, coordination and spectrum management solution. This application works with all types of data used by spectrum regulators, connecting with common data sources (internal and external). It enables data workflows to be created for every type of administrative task and replaced all existing data sources used by the regulator.

The project applied agile methodology, which allowed the regulator’s team to receive iterations throughout the project lifecycle rather than a big-bang approach. ATDI provided a cloned POC server access to the regulator, which allowed the team to test each iteration. Stakeholders actively participated in the POC testing and provided feedback to developers throughout the project lifecycle. This significantly improved the project flexibility in meeting the end-user requirements, as well as reducing training times as the system was used across all the development phases. This approach reduced overrun times, as issues were identified early into the development stages allowing the team to modify and amend each iteration rather than create a snowball effect later.


The database solution incorporated all of the processes, tasks and activities required by the regulator. The implementation featured automated workflows and which ensured processes were simpler and more efficient.

The ATDI solution featured the following tools and services:

  • HTZ Communications - ATDI’s flagship RF engineering tool
  • ICS manager – ATDI’s automated spectrum management solution and database
  • API to allow the dataflow from existing disparate systems into ATDI’s ASMS
  • Customised workflows to automate processes and reduce the manpower required
  • Database set-up and integration with ICS manager
  • Training 
  • Post-delivery development and support 


Project acceptance followed a period of internal testing. The regulator benefitted from an extended support package that allowed them to develop the solution, when required, throughout the duration of the support contract. 

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