Broadband update: Tarana Wireless partners with ATDI for coverage analysis

March 27, 2024
Tarana Wireless - rooftop equipment

Leading broadband solution provider, Tarana Wireless, has partnered with ATDI to evaluate the coverage footprint of their innovative technology. With HTZ Communications, Tarana Wireless ensures its solution meets key performance targets such as coverage, minimising the number of sites, and meeting the overall reliability of its broadband solution.

While fibre networks have been deployed in numerous nations, they may not always be feasible, particularly in underserved or rural areas. Tarana Wireless relies on HTZ for initial network planning, creating coverage maps to illustrate the potential site installations and analyse the coverage percentages. Additionally, HTZ is instrumental in crafting tender responses, assuring clients of the outstanding performance their solution offers.

According to Stefan Hartung, Director for Global Sales, “HTZ stands out in terms of flexibility. ATDI provides an extensive global map data library accessible instantly through the tool, facilitating network planning worldwide. Our teams benefit from high-resolution clutter and DTM access, leading to time and procurement cost savings.”

Tarana Wireless employs multiple licenses of HTZ Communications on a server basis, enabling diverse teams to use the software across different time zones. This cost-effective strategy ensures that the licenses used by their US team, are also available for their Asia Pacific team at different times, maximising resource utilisation and efficiency.

This strategic collaboration underscores Tarana Wireless's commitment to delivering reliable and high-performance broadband services to their customers. By harnessing the capabilities of HTZ, Tarana Wireless further strengthens its position as a leading provider in the telecommunications industry, showcasing its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

About Tarana Wireless
Tarana Wireless, a US-based privately funded startup established 15 years ago, has garnered substantial investment totalling $450 million to advance its innovative solution. They aim to extend internet connectivity to rural and underserved areas, including developing nations. At the forefront of their offering is ngFWA (next-generation fixed wireless access), a cutting-edge solution that provides reliable home broadband services. Through their ngFWA platform, named G1, Tarana Wireless promises superior broadband services coupled with increased efficiency. As a result of their groundbreaking work, Tarana Wireless has achieved a valuation surpassing $1 billion, cementing its position as a leading player in the telecommunications industry.

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