HTZ features a comprehensive toolset for the design of broadcast networks

For over a decade radio broadcast has been responsible for distributing and publishing news. During that time, we’ve seen the introduction of new technologies and the transition from analogue to digital broadcast. It wasn’t till the 1950s that television broadcasting made an entrance. During that time, broadcasters have adapted to viewing trends by focussing on emerging technologies to drive the sector. While the broadcasting environment has changed with the introduction of the internet, traditional broadcasters still retain a large market share of viewers and listeners.

ATDI has a long affiliation with many of the World’s leading broadcasters.  Our flagship tool, HTZ Communications enables broadcast network operators to serve a maximum number of users at a minimum cost. We have supplied software and services to assist with key areas such as network planning and modelling for every broadcast technology. During the project life cycle, we help dimension the network using correlation analysis and propagation optimisation.

HTZ Communications was integral to broadcasters when migrating from analogue to digital radio (DVB-T and DAB+), and supports network maintenance and subsequent upgrades to DVB-T. With a wealth of functions featured, ATDI guarantees efficiency and cost-effectiveness at all stages of the network lifecycle ranging from:

  • Coverage planning
  • Interference calculations (ITU C/I tables, NFD matrices…)
  • Population analysis
  • ITU procedures
  • Automated site planning, optimisation and frequency planning
  • SFN and MFN network optimisation
  • Reforming frequency bands and inter system coexistence (LTE, ILS, white space spectrum)
  • Transport (MW) or backhaul planning
  • Location probability maps
  • Power sum methods: Power sum, SMM, Monte-Carlo, t-lnm, k-lnm
  • Launch delay assignment
  • Frequency assignment

The technologies covered by HTZ include:

  • DVB-T/T2
  • DVB-S/S2
  • ISDB-T
  • DTMB
  • MMDS
  • FM mono/stereo
  • IBOC
  • ATSC V3

Check out our Broadcast coordination video which demos design views, collate information in real-time and manage statistics in ICS Manager.

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