Defence & Security

Often technology advancements and deep pockets win wars. However, good communication networks in the battlespace can be the difference between military success or failure. Nowadays, ministries of defence are compelled to assess their radio spectrum use to ensure their spectrum management practices reap maximum benefits. 

Defence & security communications have been an integral part of ATDI since its outset. The scope of this work ranges from auditing the use of military spectrum to advising and supporting studies on coexistence, releasing spectrum for commercial use and the reallocation of spectrum for reuse with other technologies.  

HTZ Warfare offers dedicated features for the defence and security markets including:

  • Network simulation – for spectrum engineering tactical mission planning and analysis;
  • Mission planning  – optimizing the path for a mobile seeker flying over a hostile area;
  • Radar detection capability analysis – predicting the areas and elevations for radar coverage;
  • Jamming efficiency analysis – identifying areas where the jammer can be effective in interrupting enemy communications;
  • Automation capabilities – the ability to custom workflows to support different end-user requirements or system capabilities. This simplifies interfaces for software users who may not have a radio propagation background;
  • UAV/UAS mission planning – including integration between ground-to-air and air-to-air services and ability to model coexistence with other communication service users;
  • Dedicated military-functions – including direction finding, jamming and radar features;
  • Network modelling – to model dynamic military scenarios and featuring ‘on-the-move’ capability;
  • Flightpath RF simulation analysis – importing flight-path information and conducting propagation modelling and communication validation.

HTZ Warfare supports all technologies and functions for the defence and security markets, including:

  • Path loss analysis
  • Hand-over calculations
  • Path budgets
  • Traffic analysis
  • Spectrum management & interference
  • Optimal routes
  • Repeater deployment
  • Jamming efficiency

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