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Technology is an integral part of our lives, along with our growing dependency on it. The Internet of Things (IoT) covers everything connected to the internet. The overarching feature of IOT is the wireless data transfer and its application supports smart home devices, eHealth applications or driver-less trucks. With connectivity driving technology innovations, the design and roll-out of wireless networks has to be managed effectively. 

HTZ supports every aspects of IOT radio network planning, including coverage and capacity planning and interference analysis. Other key functions include:

  • Wireless network design including automated site planning and cell optimisation;
  • Mesh network clustering;
  • Accurate deterministic propagation models adapted for IoT standards including LPWAN, IEEE, 802.15.4 and 3GPP;
  • Geo-location functions for network deployment using high-resolution datasets;
  • Ability to model traffic against QoS and reliability targets;
  • Feature-rich capabilities to support third-party hardware/equipment suppliers. 

From a planning perspective, IoT networks differ from classic radiocommunication networks. To support this, HTZ offers interactive 3D city models and urban information for high-resolution network planning. It supports a variety of IoT application platforms and other cloud-based solutions. The software features accurate propagation models specific for IoT including LPWAN, IEEE 802.15.4, 3GPP.

HTZ features dedicated functions including:

  • Automated site planning, cell optimisation and mesh network clustering;
  • Traffic & mobility profile editor for end devices;
  • Gateway/Hub/e-nodeB setting parameters, including, duty cycle, power, bandwidth and antenna;
  • Traffic modelling – aggregated traffic with related QoS and reliability targets;
  • IoT DL/UL balanced link budgets;
  • Coverage, interference, capacity and reliability analysis;
  • Geolocation analysis.

ATDI offers consultancy services to support network operators, integrators and public bodies capitalising on their IoT network. 

Check out how ATDI helped develop network plans for the UK's leading Smart city, here.

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