Public Safety

HTZ provides planning and optimisation for public safety network operators

Response times are critical when managing emergencies, disasters or crises. Both government and public safety agencies face growing pressure to improve event management with the spotlight on connectivity, capacity and capability. Access to mobile broadband is the key to effecting this change.

Public safety networks have three main roles, to support real-time situational awareness and intelligence-driven solutions:

  • Gather mission-critical intelligence
  • Provide real-time data analytics
  • Support growing demands for multi-media to access data, video streams and social media.

Traditionally, public safety networks used TETRA, TETRAPOL and Project 25. The introduction of 4G  (LTE) and specifically PS-LTE, has driven the uptake of data-reliant services. Aside from national public safety networks, there has been significant growth in private LTE networks, providing temporary coverage for pop-up test centres and field hospitals in the fight against COVID-19.

These secure and resilient mission-critical networks must guarantee connectivity for everyone, anywhere and anytime. ATDI has been supporting public safety network operators for over three decades. The key functions of HTZ Communications include:

  • Interference management including interference calculations, automated handovers, neighbour list planning and analysis;
  • Capacity management and coverage planning
  • Automated frequency and site planning and optimisation
  • Automatic device assignment to allocate the required number of traffic channels required

HTZ features a traffic and mobility profile editor to limit access for low-priority users to free up resources for higher priority users during an emergency. Its propagation models perform coverage calculations to a high level of accuracy without the use of the automatic model tuning module. And, the automatic model tuning module, which can be used at the calibration stage to improve the final AFP result, can be used when drive test measurements are available.

HTZ Communications is recognised for its contribution to public safety in ICCA - Critical Comms awards.

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