Test & Measurement

Integral to spectrum management is the ability to monitor spectrum use to ensure frequencies don’t interfere with each other. Radio spectrum licenses are allocated by band or technology with spectrum monitoring tools scanning the bands to ensure users have access to the spectrum without interruption or undue interference.

For spectrum regulators, a monitoring system needs to gather both spectrum management and spectrum monitoring data. The monitoring system needs to create reports about license conditions and relevant monitoring data. These reports allow the regulator to monitor spectrum use and trends, in real time. Regulators use this information to manage complaints and ensure compliance.

For other wireless network operators, measurement campaigns use a spectrum analyzer. The spectrum analyzer captures measurements from the network in real-time and allows network operators to validate network performance indicators (KPIs).

HTZ is compatible with leading equipment suppliers and is used to:

  • Verifying the network design meets the network specification for coverage and interference;
  • Identify interference including location and the source of the interference;
  • Monitoring frequency use, band scanning and channel occupancy;
  • Identifying unauthorised emission.

The HTZ user interfaces easily imports large amounts of data for processing. 

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