Connecting Remote Farms with Private LTE/5G Networks

September 28, 2023

Erkmar and Connected Farms revolutionise rural connectivity.

In the dynamic world of technology consultancy, Erkmar (UK) stands out as a leader in delivering cutting-edge communication, technology, and spectrum regulatory projects to both the public and commercial sectors. Since 2022, Erkmar has been at the forefront of spectrum-focused operations, working from their office in Brisbane, Australia. Central to their success is their use of HTZ Communications, a collaboration that has ignited transformative changes in rural and remote farming applications.

Erkmar relies on HTZ Communications to meticulously plan private 4G LTE/5G NR and IoT solutions, providing invaluable wireless connectivity for agricultural endeavours in remote regions. This partnership is further fortified through a close alliance with Connected Farms, an Australian-based global wireless connectivity provider dedicated to supporting digital agriculture.

What sets this partnership apart is the seamless synergy between Erkmar's expertise in network planning and Connected Farms' profound understanding of the diverse connectivity requirements across various crop environments. Together, they curate tailored solutions for farms of all sizes, ranging from single-acre plots to sprawling multi-base station networks.

The impact of wireless connectivity in rural Australia has been nothing short of extraordinary. It is now a powerful enabler of wireless broadband access, effectively supporting the surge in demand for innovative agricultural applications. HTZ Communications plays a pivotal role in this transformation, enabling Erkmar and Connected Farms to assess and compare technology options while meticulously evaluating propagation characteristics across diverse terrains and agricultural sectors.

One of the remarkable features of this partnership is the ability to enhance network planning accuracy through the fine-tuning of propagation models. By leveraging correlations and automated tuning functions that consider real-world field measurements taken by Erkmar, this collaboration ensures that predictions are not just theoretical but grounded in practical application.

The Erkmar and Connected Farms partnership, fuelled by the capabilities of HTZ Communications, represents a visionary step toward bridging the digital divide in rural farming communities. As they continue to innovate and refine their solutions, the agricultural landscape in remote areas is set to undergo a technological revolution, with access to private LTE/5G networks at its core.

Stay tuned for more updates on how Erkmar, Connected Farms, and HTZ Communications are reshaping the future of agriculture through robust connectivity solutions.

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