The future of terrestrial broadcast in Mexico

October 29, 2023

TV Azteca, a leading Mexican broadcaster, has invested in HTZ Communications to ensure the future of digital terrestrial television in Mexico. Following the footsteps of other top broadcasters in the region, TV Azteca has incorporated HTZ into its network planning department. This empowers them to design, model, and optimise their networks while effectively managing the transition from ATSC 1.0 to 3.0.

ATDI collaborated with its Latin American partner, TES America, who conducted an extensive training program for the users. The training encompassed essential aspects of network planning, such as the management of network parameters (including cartography management, antennas, power gains and losses), propagation modelling, and identifying coverage and interference issues. HTZ provides valuable comparison features, enabling users to efficiently evaluate and contrast different technologies within a single project, making it particularly suitable for technology migrations and interaction with others.

Jorge Barrera of TES says, "The acquisition of HTZ will bring about a transformation in TV Azteca's operations, especially given the limited capabilities of the other tools previously used. A significant motivation for this purchase was the interference simulation capabilities of HTZ and the Antios tool, an integral antenna design solution in HTZ, which enhances antenna utilisation and reduces interference."

As the demand for streaming channels continues to rise, it's reassuring to see that terrestrial broadcasting in developing nations is in such capable hands.

TV Azteca
TV Azteca, one of the largest broadcasters in Mexico, owns two national television networks and manages two other nationally distributed services. These networks provide coverage across most major and minor cities throughout Mexico, and TV Azteca positions itself as a direct competitor to Televisa and several smaller local stations.

Both the United States and Mexico utilise the ATSC 1.0/ATSC 3.0 standard for digital television broadcasting.

TES America
TES AMERICA is ATDI’s partner in Latin America (LATAM). They have extensive experience in telecommunications consulting, wireless network design and electromagnetic fields, and are a solution provider for regulators and operators.

The information presented in this article was provided by TES America, the Latin American partner of ATDI. Any discrepancies should not be attributed to TV Azteca.

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