HTZ Updates - v.2023.11.1

December 13, 2023

Propagation models, MW and PMP
For MW options, the Ellipsoid clearance calculations and Fresnel zone fraction are saved in the PRM file, which denotes K for ellipsoid calculations and FZ for sub-path attenuation calculations.

This function allows users to set the FZ parameters using the Fresnel Ellipsoid setting function.

Propagation models > ITU-R P.1812-7
This latest model has been implemented in HTZ. For full details of the ITU remarks on the troposcatter model, see the full HTZ release list.

Interface > SQL Table
The DivMod field is considered when two frequencies are defined for a MW link. If DivMod is equal to 0, the MW link is defined in "2+0" mode. If DivMod is equal to 1, the MW link is defined in frequency diversity ("FD") mode.

Network frequency assignment > mobile radio
The "Delta Freq. between neighbours" option has been added to the "Forbid same frequency if same neighbour" option. If checked the delta between two given frequencies of two neighbouring stations will be forced to be greater than the minimum required value. If this is not achievable, no frequency will be assigned.

Calculations > CCTV coverage
A new module has been implemented. For further information, consult the help guide.

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