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March 29, 2023

Unleashing the power of Drone-based Antenna measurements: Techniques for predictive modelling and verification

Missed our latest workshop? Catch up on our video channel today. This event looks at how measuring antenna patterns can improve network performance, support predication correlation and permit model tuning. Run in conjunction with Australian Drone-measurement company Sixarms, ATDI demonstrates how antenna patterns and field measurements can validate network coverage across wide areas using HTZ Communications.

The demo shows the benefits of using drones to measure antenna patterns and covers the entire lifecycle of network measurement. Key features covered include:

  • Analysis and validation of radio power including the workflows and processes, what equipment is needed and how to process and visualise the data.
  • Creating coverage predictions based on measured antenna patterns, plus antenna modelling, link budget analysis, DTV coverage and population coverage analysis. 
  • Validating coverage measurements using field strength measurements, and correlation of predictions and actual measurements.
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