Webinar: Multi-Domain COMINT/EW - Automated Counter-Drone Mission Operations

May 9, 2024

Throughout the Ukraine/Russia conflict, the traditional doctrine governing the relationship between COMINT and EW in multi-domain operations has been significantly redefined. The once-separate roles of supporting and supported have merged into a singular coordination effort to achieve EMS dominance. Ground commanders play a pivotal role in orchestrating the real-time coordination of these two elements in battle scenarios.

The conflict notably underscores the critical importance of airspace superiority, evident in the heightened use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). They are indispensable for mission success, excelling in aerial reconnaissance and precision airstrikes, enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency.

The webinar showcases ATDI's comprehensive EMS analysis, planning, and operational software solutions tailored for battlespace communications intelligence and real-time automated mission planning. Focusing on counter-drone operations, the demo shows how ATDI's tools provide a holistic approach to mission operations, emphasising intelligence use, data analysis, and the benefits of automated planning. The demonstrations will integrate real-life information from sensors and direction finding (DF), highlighting the company's expertise in this domain.

The key elements of this event will cover,

  • Tackling the challenges using advanced signal intelligence and real-time mission planning on the move.
  • Solution demonstration using counter-drone mission planning:
    • Automated counter-CRPA drone mission planning using HTZ Warfare and Restful API (ATDI).
    • Signal measurements using SignalShark ADFA (NARDA).
    • Target detection, acquisition, recognition, interception and localisation using ICS Monitoring SDRN Control

Date: 20 June 2024
Delivery: Microsoft Teams

EUROPE: 09.00 BST > 10.00 CEST - click here
USA:  10.00 EDT > 13.00 PDT - click here

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This event will run in collaboration with ATDI partners.

SOLVIT Systems Ltd
Providing advanced military and security communications modelling and simulation solutions. As an authorised dealer of ATDI's solutions in South Korea, SOLVIT System offers a wide range of cutting-edge communication solutions tailored to the needs of the country's defence and security sectors. For the webinar, Solvit shared their front-end solution to demonstrate how the web API integrates within a larger solution.

Narda is a leading supplier of measuring equipment in tailored measurement solutions. These solutions cover EMF / EME Safety, RF Test & Measurement and EMC sectors. Founded in 2000, the company forms part of the L3Harris Group. For the webinar, NARDA will provide real-time data from the Signal Shark monitoring solution, identifying drone or airborne objects for demonstration purposes.

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