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May 2, 2023

With over three decades of industry expertise in our pockets, ATDI continues to offer a wide range of software solutions and services to the broadcast industry. This month’s newsletter looks at a few of our latest projects.

NTC, Philippines chooses ATDI for their broadcast coordination 

The national Philippine regulator, NTC contracted ATDI for our spectrum management solution which includes HTZ Communications, ICS manager and professional services to establish a unified, centralised DB for broadcast spectrum management. 

The digital switchover in the Philippines is underway with the majority of the country's households due to switch off analogue services later this year. The digital switchover is set to improve reception quality for the nation and will pave the way for broadcasters to deploy new equipment. 

About ICS Manager

ICS Manager is an automated spectrum management solution for spectrum regulators and radio network operators to improve spectrum use and automate systems. It supports the management and optimisation of the spectrum, enables frequency sharing, and automates frequency assignment. It contains a data engine that manages data logically and hierarchically for consistent and reliable results. ICSM is compatible with ATDI's RF planning software, HTZ Communications and tactical mission planning software, HTZ Warfare.

ATDI continues support for UK Small-Scale DAB

ATDI understands that at the heart of community radio is the dedication and enthusiasm of its radio team. To support the growth of this vital service, ATDI has supported local community radio stations to submit their license applications, which require candidates to provide coverage prediction maps for the proposed DAB network. Awarded by competitive process, license award conditions are based on the ‘best fit’ criteria. Each small-scale radio DAB license is granted for seven years and permits the broadcast of DAB digital services and stereo radio stations. 

With Round Four currently underway, ATDI continues to offer broadcasters the opportunity to enhance their applications and build their business case.

For decades, ATDI has provided spectrum engineering and management solutions to Ofcom UK across various spectrum management areas including broadcasting coordination and license management. 

ATDI drives technology evolution with their industry partner, SixArms. Drone-based antenna measurements; techniques for predictive modelling and verification

ATDI has been working with Australian Drone-measurement company, SixArms on emerging technologies for measuring antenna patterns to improve network performance, support prediction correlation and permit model tuning. ATDI and SixArms delivered a comprehensive webinar at ABU-DBS 2023 to discuss the benefits of using drones to measure antenna patterns and covers the entire lifecycle of network measurement. Key features covered include:

  • Analysis and validation of radio power including the workflows and processes, what equipment is needed and how to process and visualise the data.
  • Creating coverage predictions based on measured antenna patterns, plus antenna modelling, link budget analysis, DTV coverage and population coverage analysis. 
  • Validating coverage measurements using field strength measurements, and correlation of predictions and actual measurements.

To view the recording today:

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