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August 9, 2019

RF planning automation in HTZ Communications

Tired of repetitive RF studies?

Using HTZ, any radio operators who manages repetitive network studies regularly can now automate the entire RF planning process. This feature includes the import of GIS data from data converted from a generic GIS format such as GeoTiff. This is an essential step for those having to manage constant network changes, such as the mining industry, where a mine farm terrain changes daily, or operators need an updated coverage maps as a result of any changes to their technical parameters.

The engine automatically calculates coverage of individual sites, and then produces a composite coverage and identifies the best-servers, study overlaps, calculates C/N+I and COFDM location probability maps. For 4G and 5G networks, it automatically calculates SINR and throughput.

It features an automatic microwave-path calculation engine which generates an email notification when configured, and if the minimum clearance defined is not met.

If analysis of  the percentage of subscribers across the network is regularly needed, this function can be added to the automatic RF planning function.

All study results are exported in KMZ and TIF/TFW files and are pushed to a display engine in operation center.

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