This tutorial looks at how to model a leaky feeder in a tunnel environment. The presenter will walk through how to build a tunnel from scratch using a .shp file to replicate the tunnel environment. The tutorial uses ATDI's flagship planning and modelling software, HTZ Communications.
Introducing HTZ Warfare / HTZ Communications v.23.6. For the latest, new and improved product features check out this month's update video. Updates are available via the customer portal. Contact for support.
Check out the latest product updates in HTZ v.23.5.8. Users can access the upgrade via CRM. For any additional support, please contact the support helpdesk at
This latest release focuses on interface & cartographic data, specifically at the import of ASCII in new .ASGx format (Nb. .ASG files are no longer supported), recreating maps for reuse in the new format and the addition of geo-portals.
This video looks at how to manage satellite coordination using ATDI’s flagship spectrum engineering tool, HTZ Communications and database management tool, ICS Manager. The recording includes managing contours, connecting to an SRS database, importing satellites into HTZ, assessing compatibility between services, importing satellite tracks and retrieving altitudes for interference calculations.
See how global mining company BHP Billiton achieved wireless connectivity in the ever-changing mine environment, and how private-LTE supports the automation of key operational processes.
This video illustrates how to combine medium and high-resolution maps into one project. The tutorial walks through the mapping process in HTZ for use in projects. The two (or more) levels of map data create a harmonised resolution for use directly in the software.
Watch our latest webinar on 3D map data for accurate 5G network planning and propagation analysis. Learn more about MIMO antenna and beamforming in HTZ and walk thru a 5G coverage study using different ray tracing functions.
Watch our latest video on self-forming/self-healing networks for defence mission operations. Every network node can intelligently sense and discover other nearby nodes and dynamically determine the optimal path for forwarding data packets through the network to another node. The impact of network disruption can be reduced as the network automatically heals itself as a result of the movement of nodes, changes to RF propagation and node destruction.
ICS Manager no-DB, which forms part of ATDI’s database management solution. This latest addition allows users to import and synchronise data held in public spectrum databases with ATDI’s tools, to improve frequency assignment and national and regional spectrum coordination.
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