HTZ Web API - Finding missing people by analysing mobile coverage and connection 

February 23, 2024

South Korea-based  Solvit Systems develops cutting-edge solutions for the Intelligent Search and Rescue System (iSAR). Their latest innovation harnesses the power of 4G/5G mobile network connectivity and coverage analysis, relying on HTZ and HTZ Web API to revolutionise search and rescue operations.

Despite the widespread mobile coverage in South Korea, more than 70% of the country is covered by forests and mountains. This poses significant challenges when locating missing persons, especially during harsh winters. The iSAR system uses advanced radio coverage subtraction models and mobility models powered by HTZ and the planning automation tool, HTZ Web API, to locate missing hikers. When a rescue request is received, mobile operators provide the victim's mobile phone location to emergency services. However, if the person's location falls in a mobile not-spot or their phone is off, it’s impossible to provide accurate information on their movements. The iSAR solution analyses the BTS coverage with timestamps to extract the overlapping coverage areas, narrowing down potential search locations.

A system demo was undertaken in November 2023 which highlighted how the system analysed search areas and enhanced search clearance rates. The results showed a substantial reduction to 7 minutes, representing an improvement of 1/46 compared to clearance rates without iSAR.

To further enhance the solution, Solvit introduced an intelligent aerial relay system using drones to provide temporary coverage to inaccessible areas. The drones emit narrow coverage beams, bridging network gaps as they fly over the search area. HTZ Web API optimises the drones' flying path and coverage, ensuring maximum effectiveness in search and rescue operations.

By integrating drones and automated radio network planning, Solvit’s solution

promises to revolutionise search and rescue efforts, significantly improving detection rates and reducing response times. This innovative approach underscores the fusion of technology and innovation in enhancing search and rescue effectiveness, marking a significant advancement in saving lives during emergencies.

SOLVIT Systems Ltd
Providing advanced military and security communications modelling and simulation solutions. As an authorised dealer of ATDI's solutions in South Korea, SOLVIT System offers a wide range of cutting-edge communication solutions tailored to the needs of the country's defence and security sectors.

This powerful solution supports mission planning automation using HTZ Warfare as a back-end spectrum engine. It provides a RESTful API to seamlessly integrate with third-party software platforms. Automating tasks and supporting interoperability between systems significantly improves the end-user experience and improves efficiency in network planning and optimisation processes in critical communications.

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