Webinar catch-up: Intelligent Automation for tactical radio MANET network planning

March 23, 2021

Missed our latest webinar on Intelligent Automation in tactical radio network planning for peer-to-peer, self-forming/self-healing networks for battlefield communications. The recording from this event is now available to view. Use the link below to register your details and receive the recording straight to your Inbox.

Download the Webinar recording now

Self-forming/self-healing networks are an exciting trend for defence mission operations.  Every network node can intelligently sense and discover other nearby nodes and dynamically determine the optimal path for forwarding data packets through the network to another node. The impact of network disruption can be reduced as the network automatically heals itself as a result of the movement of nodes, changes to RF propagation and node destruction.

Set in a military context, this event will demonstrate how to create highly resilient, self-forming / self-healing tactical networks to meet today’s dynamic warfighter operations. Using automation features in HTZ Warfare, this webinar will show how the creation of transmission paths over different terrain and environmental conditions, plus re-routing of paths when nodes break down or lose connectivity, can be managed simply and quickly.

Building a resilient tactical radio network with self-healing properties can offer huge benefits, particularly in terms of end-to-end connectivity, which far exceeds that of traditional point-to-point networks. The event will also look at the automatic deployment of Range Extenders (relays) to maximise interconnections and offers an opportunity to understand the benefits of an API interface, featuring real-time tactical analysis and integration with military tactical maps.

Automating software processes has proven to improve the overall quality and consistency of results while benefitting from savings to manpower and improved operational efficiency. Sign-up today and learn how your organisation can benefit from automating radio network planning.

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