Introducing HTZ WEB API

February 1, 2024

Imagine streamlining network planning functions through automation. The HTZ Web API customises and automates network planning and optimisation. This innovative tool effortlessly automates tasks and elevates network management processes to higher levels of efficiency.

Best location for relay placement in a network and between networks

Working in unison with ATDI’s flagship radio network planning software, HTZ Warfare, the web API seamlessly integrates disparate systems using defined methods and data formats to request and exchange information.

The API embraces REST principles and leverages standard HTTP methods, using JSON and XML format to structure data, ensuring lightweight and easily readable responses. Users can incorporate a custom user interface, transforming HTZ to a backend spectrum engine via the API to fulfil specific user scenarios.

The API provides real-time insights into network performance empowering proactive decision making. Network monitoring data is transmitted via the API to visualise the impact of changes on the network performance. The customised settings can optimise performance through streamlined data synchronisation.

With advanced customisation options, functions can be tailored to meet a diverse set of requirements or scenarios, enabling users to configure parameters, frequency plans and coverage evaluation criteria. Step-by-step guides and code samples, empower users to seamlessly integrate and customise the solution to fit every need.

To understand how this custom solution can transform how you manage network deployments, @contactus today.

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