Newsletter - May 2021

May 19, 2021

In this months' Newsletter, we've taken a look at the approaches used by spectrum regulators to dynamic spectrum access. In addition, we have a video demo of the latest product updates, customer cases for drone management and recent contract awards, a webinar catch up and our latest job vacancies. Lots of info in bite-size chunks.

BLOG - Managing Dynamic Spectrum Access

Dynamic Spectrum Access image

As the demand for next-generation networks grows, many countries face spectrum shortage challenges with insufficient spectrum to support bandwidth-hungry applications and increased demands for IoT connections. As a result, spectrum regulators face an increased need to devise dynamic and flexible spectrum management policies to ensure the best use of this essential resource. Exploiting higher frequency bands like mmWave bands is used by many national regulators using spectrum across a variety of bandwidths. This months’ blog looks at the different approaches taken by some leading regulators to facilitate dynamic spectrum access.

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PRODUCT UPDATES: HTZ Communications / HTZ Warfare

This months’ software updates for HTZ include new and improved features to the user interface, P2P (MW) and associated propagation model, mobile 4G/5G and interference calculations.

ATDI has introduced a 1m LiDAR dataset for the whole of the USA. This high-resolution dataset will cover 70% landmass for the country and will be available on demand. Priority access will be given to requests for specific areas. Please contact your local office for more information.

A selection of updated and new features are available in our Key Features demo. This 14-minute clip provides a step-by-step look at this functionality its application. Register to receive the recording link.

For a full briefing, please see our May Product Update list.

The latest release of HTZ v.23.2.5 is available for download on the portal.


Gold-coast based airborne radio measurement company SixArms, uses drones to provide cost-effective measurement solutions for the broadcast, telecom and defence industries. 

SixArms adopted drones to replace traditional land-based surveys which are notoriously slow and have limitations. SixArms offers an integrated RF Measurement System featuring a high-performance airborne platform (drone), integrated RF receiver and onboard computer and calibrated antennas. The drone measures antenna compliance and constructs a radiation pattern from field measurements and other test points, to validate network coverage and identify interference. Compliance checks form part of the network operators validation and verification checks to ensure the network achieves its desired outcomes.

SixArms purchased HTZ Communications, ATDI’s RF planning software, to compare the differences in the measured antenna patterns with the predicted patterns. HTZ Communications translates the measurement data from the antenna radiation patterns to wide-area coverage, including data collected from in-field coverage test points to establish confidence with the prediction model.

SixArms - drones

Aside from its automated coverage calculations and network modelling capabilities, the HTZ-software has dedicated UAV/drone management functions, supporting the growing use of airborne platforms in areas like transport, military, logistics and commercial sectors.

Features include:

  • Flightpath RF simulation analysis – importing flight path information and conducting propagation modelling and communication validation;
  • Drone-Controller localisation – identifying areas where the controller can potentially share the flight path information;
  • Radar detection capability analysis – predicting the areas and elevations where the Radar can detect a drone;
  • Drone communication range analysis – import and analysis of flight paths for RF simulation; 
  • Mission planning (HTZ Warfare) – one-stop solution to optimise a missile path where communications between the missile and Command Control can be jammed and detected by radar;

CUSTOMER: ATDI recognised by African nations as a leader in spectrum management solutions

With over three decades of supplying spectrum management solutions, ATDI understands that not every regulator fits the mould. This was recognised by African regulators AMRTP, Mali and ARCEP, Chad. Both recently procured COTS off-the-shelf spectrum management solutions that will allow them to fulfil their regulatory obligations.

AMRTP - National spectrum regulator in MaliAMRTP, Mali
Working in partnership with local vendor Specters and Energies, ATDI supplied licenses of ICS Manager, ATDI’s flagship spectrum management database and HTZ Communications for spectrum engineering and RF analysis. The project includes the migration support from existing databases for PMR, cellular and satellite services, along with equipment, site and other system information.

The regulator will receive onsite training to get them up and running, as well as on-site support to reduce the risk of project rollout issues. AMRTP will have access to ATDI’s technical support helpdesk as part of their ongoing maintenance contract.

ARCEP, ChadARCEP Chad - national spectrum regulator
Similarly, Chadian regulator, ARCEP recently purchased an off-the-shelf spectrum management solution featuring ICS manager. The project included migration from existing databases for HF, PMR, cellular and satellite services, plus equipment, site and other information stored.

The solution also includes a module to manage license fees and payments. The rollout is currently underway and, once complete, the users will receive full training, as well as support from ATDI’s technical support helpdesk.

Unfortunately, both contracts were delayed as the result of the global pandemic, but implementation is now underway and will be completed by the end of Q4 2021.

To learn more about ATDI’s automated spectrum management solutions, please contact your local office.

WEBINARS: Catch-up service available

Webinar program

Like most professionals, we all struggle to manage our workloads and make time to keep on top of professional development. But at ATDI, we bring the relevant technical subject matter to your desktop at the click of a mouse. Our latest webinars are available to view without registration at your convenience. Recent events include:

Intelligent automation for tactical MANET network planning

Managing interference between 5G towers and aeronautical radios

Introducing ICS e-Manager for licence applications and approvals

To register for future events, contact

Land Forces Australia - International Land Defence Exposition

Land Forces Event Australia

ATDI is delighted to attend (in person) the Land Forces International Land Defence Exposition in Brisbane, Australian, This three-day industry event, comprises of conference sessions and exhibition and runs from 1-3 June. To secure a time slot contact the Sydney team today.

Meet the ATDI team LAND FORCES 2020 – Stand C35, next to the main entrance.

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