Displaying mobile coverage with ease

February 22, 2022

The Jamaican Spectrum Management Authority (SMA) turned to ATDI to publish nationwide mobile and broadcast network coverages for the Caribbean island.

More and more spectrum regulators recognise the need to share the status of network services with consumers. Whether that is to support healthy competition and market transparency or to prove compliance with the license agreements, those organisations are turning to ATDI for help.

The SMA integrated HTZ Publisher as a front-end web port to allow the Jamaican public to access mobile network coverage statistics. HTZ Publisher is an innovative publishing platform that provides access to previously inaccessible mobile network data.

HTZ Publisher shares outputs from HTZ Communications or HTZ Warfare via intuitive web service. The browser-based app is accessible on a PC, tablet or phone. Automated workflows reduce user interactions allowing calculations to be made seamlessly. HTZ Publisher features an easy to use interface that requires no RF knowledge or training and is easy to install. The solution is deployed on LAN, private or shared cloud hosting service, giving users instant access to the service, which scales on demand.

The SMA follows other leading regulators like the Serbian national regulator RATEL, who implemented a web portal to publish mobile coverage maps for the country. ATDI implemented a front-end and back-office system, with automated workflows effortlessly generating the required results, including statistical documents, coverage calculations, stations, files for export, etc.

Also, NICTA, the national regulator for Papua New Guinea, installed a web service to publish multiple sets of coverage by technology and operator. Features like signal levels from a given area and an auto-complete search engine provided an interactive and user-friendly public interface. The map data tiling is native, which allows the platform to support large scale concurrent access.

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