Railway communication technologies include GSM-R – LTE-R – PMR. HTZ plans and optimises all railway communication technologies

Railway operators rely on different radio technologies to support rail operations. To meet this need, they count on a technology-neutral radio planning tool to design and manage their communication networks. Most rail operators operate both analogue and digital technologies, including GSM-R, LTE-R, TETRA and PMR. These networks support services like centralised traffic control for rolling stock and GSM-R for high-speed rail communications.

A key network requirement is to provide adequate coverage and capacity. This can be achieved using propagation models to attain a high level of accuracy. Automatic tuning models can be used to calibrate drive-test data and improve the overall frequency plan.

HTZ Communications supports all radio technologies ranging from 1kHz to 350 GHz and has been used extensively by rail operators around the world, enabling them to manage their radio spectrum and networks efficiently. Its main functions include:

  • Radio planning including frequency planning and network optimisation;
  • Interference studies as well as traffic analysis and intermodulation;
  • Cross-border coordination;
  • Integration with equipment vendors for site surveys and measurement campaigns;
  • Design and construction of radio sub-systems (ERTMS/GSM-R) and fibre-optic cable networks;
  • Calculations of environmental analysis or human hazard including Natura 2000.
  • Design and construction of fibre-optic cable network
  • Design and construction of transmission systems
  • Site surveys
  • Measurement campaigns

ATDI supports a comprehensive library of cartographic data for use with radio network designs.

This tutorial looks at how to model a leaky feeder in a tunnel environment. The tutorial walks through the process of building a tunnel from scratch using a .shp file to replicate the tunnel environment.

Check out how ATDI support accurate planning for railway communications.

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