Integrating HTZ Warfare as a web service

May 23, 2022

HTZ Warfare is an off-the-shelf spectrum engineering solution for the deployment, optimisation and real-time analysis of tactical military networks. HTZ can be deployed in standalone mode or embedded into existing platforms or systems. To support seamless integration of these functions, ATDI offers a web service. The REST API allows users to launch calculations in HTZ via remote servers, resulting in real-time calculations and results supplied via a URL.  

This latest development provides significant benefits to both system integrators and end-users. The API supports workflow guided processes, enabling high-performance calculations to produce fast results. The intuitive workflow editor combines multiple processes in a simple, step-by-step process. The easy-to-use interface reduces the reliance on training to access the software. 

The web service sends requests directly to HTZ Warfare. The automated workflows enable users to simulate scenarios by submitting instructions to the web service. Readily available scripts can be pre-programmed and loaded, with users inputting different parameters relevant to the wanted calculations. When processing these requests, HTZ executes the orders sequentially and the web service manages the queuing of requests, as well as monitoring and polling for results. The web service adds no delays to the calculation times and is easily integrated into any radio planning operation. 

The solution is customised to meet the needs of military and security organisations with the end goal of fully automating and streamlining the radio planning and simulation process. The automated workflows are proven to improve the outputs from HTZ by removing the risk of human error. Maps can be retrieved autonomously and report generate through a simple URL. For more information about how to leverage the full potential of ATDI’s web service offering, contact us today.

For more information about automation in HTZ, visit here.

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