Welcome to WRC-23 - Dubai is waiting

October 29, 2023

This year’s most anticipated industry event ITU WRC-23 is fast approaching. Stakeholders and regulators from across the World gather to review and revise the Radio Regulations and to address various radio communication issues.

WRC-23 plays a crucial role across the industry by identifying and expanding spectrum availability for new services and promoting innovation and growth. One of the key focal points this year is the expansion and harmonisation of 5G, aiming to make affordable, next-generation services accessible to a wider audience. WRC’s aim to secure an additional 2GHz of spectrum in the low or mid bands poses a considerable challenge, and it will be fascinating to observe how this unfolds during the event.

The ATDI team at WRC-23 will be available to offer support and guidance to customers and industry professionals. Delegates are encouraged to arrange one-to-one meetings or visit their stand for a valuable opportunity for engagement and networking

Join us every Thursday at Stand D3, Zabeel 6, where our team will be hosting a weekly French culinary experience, offering delegates the chance to savour authentic French delicacies.

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