Exhibition: Smart Mining & Metals

ATDI is proud to present at this industry-leading event. The event covers the digital transformation of the mining industry and identifies how costs savings and efficiencies can be made through [...]


In this months’ Newsletter, we’ve covered the roadmap for public safety networks,  implementing tactical comms links for Spain’s VCR armoured vehicles, the latest features in [...]

INDRA turns to ATDI to support battlefield management system

Spanish defence-integrator INDRA is contracted to equip the Spanish army’s new 8×8 combat vehicles with a battlefield-management system (BMS). These state-of-the-art combat vehicles will [...]

BLOG – PS-LTE: the technology driver for future public safety networks

Response times are critical when managing emergencies and natural disasters. Government and public safety agencies are constantly under pressure to improve how they manage these events with the [...]