ICS telecom

ICS telecom has been replaced by HTZ communications


ICS telecom was the civil version of HTZ warfare and has been renamed “HTZ communications” for product line consistency. HTZ communications is a subset of HTZ warfare.

“ICS” product line is now related to Spectrum management software (ICS manager, ICS RF allocations, ICS portal…) while HTZ products (HTZ warfare, HTZ communications, HTZ viewer and HTZ analyzer) are focused on Spectrum Engineering, Radio-planning and Communications Electronic Warfare (HTZ warfare only).

HTZ communications is compatible with ICS telecom. ICS telecom can run in parallel of HTZ Communications.
Customers under maintenance contract can upgrade their ICS telecom licenses for free.

ICS map server (spatial data management tool) is provided free of charge on request to ATDI customers.


Version history (from 2019):

  • ICS telecom EV 15.6.0 (29/03/2019)
  • ICS telecom EV 15.6.1 (14/04/2019)
  • ICS telecom EV 15.6.2 (08/05/2019)
  • ICS telecom EV 15.6.3 (16/05/2019)
  • HTZ communications 22.1.0 (17/06/2019)
  • HTZ communications 22.1.8 (12/07/2019)
  • HTZ communications 22.2.1 (04/09/2019)
  • HTZ communications 22.2.3 (15/10/2019)
  • HTZ communications 22.3.0 (02/12/2019)
  • HTZ communications 22.4.1 (09/01/2020)
  • HTZ communications 22.4.7 (02/03/2020)
  • HTZ communications 22.6.9 (20/08/2020)




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