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August 3, 2020

 HTZ communications replaces ICS telecom

Our brand is important to us. For product brand consistency, we recently rebranded ICS telecom to HTZ communications. This now falls under the HTZ family whose products include HTZ communications for the civil markets and HTZ warfare for defence markets.

HTZ communications is fully compatible with ICS telecom and both solutions can be run in parallel. Customers with a valid maintenance contract are eligible for a free upgrade to HTZ communications. ICS map server (map data management tool) is available on request to all customers with a valid maintenance contract.

The prefix ICS is associated with our spectrum management software which includes ICS manager, ICS RF allocations and ICS monitoring.

For further information on our full product range, please visit our website or contact your local office.

Software release history - 2019:

ICS telecom EV 15.6.0 (29/03/2019)

ICS telecom EV 15.6.1 (14/04/2019)

ICS telecom EV 15.6.2 (08/05/2019)

ICS telecom EV 15.6.3 (16/05/2019)

HTZ communications 22.1.0 (17/06/2019)

HTZ communications 22.1.8 (12/07/2019)

HTZ communications 22.2.1 (04/09/2019)

HTZ communications 22.2.3 (15/10/2019)

HTZ communications 22.3.0 (02/12/2019)

HTZ communications 22.4.1 (09/01/2020)

HTZ communications 22.4.7 (02/03/2020)

HTZ communications 22.6.9 (20/08/2020)

Further releases are planned for January 2021


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