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ATDI delivers wireless connectivity solutions to remote oil, gas, and mining facilities globally. Our radio systems are engineered to ensure dependable and resilient communications, even in the most demanding environments.

Platforms, refineries and mines use a combination of radio technologies to provide coverage for short to medium-range communications to onsite personnel, offshore rigs and support vessels. Digital radios are increasingly are used to improve clarity of calls, extend coverage, and support additional features like data, messaging and GPS tracking. Often remote sites use satellite communication systems for long-range connectivity, where terrestrial networks are unavailable. All these radio systems must be interoperable to ensure seamless communication with different teams and vessels.

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Product Features

ATDI’s flagship RF engineering software HTZ is designed to facilitate the planning, modelling, and optimisation of secure and resilient wireless networks. HTZ manages all radio technologies from a few kHz to 1 THz and the tool simulates multiple radio technologies within the same project, allowing operators to plan, model and optimise their radio networks, while minimising the risks of communication failures. Key features include coverage and capacity planning, site parameter management, and neighbour planning tailored for TETRA, PMR, DMR, P25, and PS-LTE networks.

This integrated RF solution manages the entire radio network lifecycle. HTZ Communications features a comprehensive propagation engine with recognised ITU Propagation models to model all technologies and supports every aspect of the network lifecycle, from the initial network scoping to full network optimisation.

HTZ provides dedicated features for onshore, offshore and remote sites:

  • Comprehensive Propagation Library: the integrated library offers deterministic and empirical models, enabling users to simulate various radio systems, including indoor, outdoor, and mixed indoor/outdoor scenarios. It features automated propagation model tuning and seamless integration with external models.
  • Best server location: to identify the best location for antennas including azimuth and elevation heights.
  • Prospective planning: coverage achieved based on a set number of defined criteria across all technologies.
  • Moving stations or new buildings: analysing the impact on coverage when moving a station or the addition of a new building or obstacle. Simulations are overlaid on Google Maps.
  • Radio network modelling: in 2D and 3D formats.
  • Interference analysis: to ensure network reliability.
  • 3D reflections: considers the challenging environment and its impact on signal attenuation. Modelling the losses associated with signal penetration in various scenarios, including outdoor-to-indoor transitions, and examining the effects of signal absorption on network coverage.
  • Automated network planning for smart mines: automatic calculation of coverage based on terrain changes, along with key RF functions like identifying the best server, composite coverage and coverage overlapping.
  • Automated coverage planning: to identify the best location for base stations for optimal coverage and to identify areas without coverage on the platform.
  • Automated frequency assignment: to limit interference and achieve robust communications.
  • DL and UL throughput maps: to analyse the traffic data and identify if more sites are required.
  • Antenna modelling capabilities: to model the best antenna heights above sea level.
  • Design support: for the rollout of broadband access networks to support offshore platforms, support vessels and fixed assets.
  • 3D GIS support: models 3D ray-tracing and high-frequency network accurately.
  • Coexistence analysis: analysing the impact of frequencies on sensitive equipment like radars.
  • Automatic network optimisation: identifying optimal antenna confirmation including heights above sea level.
  • Supports: RMS Wave heights and computes EMF exposure.
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Case Studies


HTZ assists mine operators in mitigating the impact of terrain changes on automated systems by continuously calculating coverages affected by such alterations. It also integrates with GIS survey solutions and imports updated maps for automatic conversion. This ensures accurate network planning and optimisation by recalculating coverages based on the latest terrain data while offering essential RF functionalities like server optimisation and coverage analysis.

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The use of CCTV and other cameras to safeguard vital oil and gas facilities is steadily rising. HTZ detects, recognises, and identifies the capabilities of a given camera. Explore our latest video which showcases how HTZ effectively manages a camera object in a simulated environment. ATDI has introduced cutting-edge features into HTZ to manage CCTV. It evaluates a given camera's detection, recognition, and identification capabilities.

Explore this video, which showcases how HTZ effectively manages a camera object in a simulated environment.




Sound Propagation

Discover how a German engineering company uses HTZ to model sound propagation for digital sirens. Using HTZ, they identified the main sound blockers to be considered during the planning phase. This use case looks at how electronic sirens support power control with the option to change signal direction and manage speech transmissions. HTZ simulates and models how the sound from a replacement system propagates.

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New digital sirens Sound coverage calculator for digital sirens

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