Newsletter - December 2021

December 13, 2021

As the year draws to a close, we’ve been looking back over the past 12 months with gratitude. We’re thankful for the continued goodwill of our customers, for a global team who’ve pulled together through difficult circumstances and for the ability to continue doing what we love.

Our last newsletter for 2021 looks at our recent Spectrum Management Summit (check out our recording library if you missed this), our activities in the aviation sector and our latest bite-sized training sessions.

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season. Our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year. Wishing you all a prosperous 2022.

From the ATDI team


The latest version includes enhancements to ITU-R propagation models:

  • ITU-R P.452-17 – prediction procedure for evaluating interference between stations on the surface of the earth at frequencies above about 0.1GHz
  • ITU-R P.1812-6 – a path-specific propagation prediction method for point-to-area terrestrial services in frequency range 30Mhz to 6 000 MHz
  • ITU-R P.530-18  propagation data and prediction methods required for the design of terrestrial line-of-sight systems
  • ITU-R P.2001-4 – a general purpose wide-range terrestrial propagation model in the frequency range 30MHz to 50GHz
  • ITU-R P.528-5 – a propagation prediction method for aeronautical mobile and radionavigation services using the VHF, UHF and SHF bands.

Upgrades are available to all customers with a valid maintenance contract. Anyone wishing to renew their maintenance contract should contact their local office or email


Thanks to everyone who joined our 1st annual Spectrum Management Summit.

ATDI’s software solutions are user-friendly and provide excellent value for money”

“Powerful solutions for spectrum planners and regulators”

Quotes from event delegates

ATDI presented a series of sessions looking at leveraging web technologies and automation to improve spectrum management. Hundreds of delegates from around the globe registered and attended. The day was comprised of live demos and presentations from ATDI and their partners.

Customer feedback showed the event was informative, with delegates ranking the level of presentations as excellent and ATDI’s depth of knowledge as extensive.

The event addressed issues facing the spectrum management market and their potential solutions. The day kicked off with an overview from the ITU-R Spectrum management group, outlining the latest study group activities and expectations for WRC-23. The next session provided a snapshot of new features and functions in HTZ introduced throughout the year.

A highlight from the morning session was the introduction of the ICS Portal. This web-based solution focuses on licensing and frequency management and forms part of ATDI’s spectrum management solution. Other sessions covered a mobile coverage web service delivered to Serbian regulator, Ratel, and a joint-spectrum measurement solution from Narda’s SignalShark and ATDI’s SRDN Control.

The afternoon sessions looked at a web-based solution for creating and managing spectrum allocation tables. And, the final demo was presented in conjunction with ATDI’s South American partner, TES America, showing a web-based solution that automates coverage calculations and interference analysis.

Session recordings are available here.


ATDI introduces online training sessions to fit around busy schedules. Featured during the recent Spectrum Management Summit, these online sessions provide interactive and practical guidance on features and functions in HTZ. 

The first session covered parallel coverage calculations. This shows how to save time by running remote simulations in parallel. While this isn't a new feature in HTZ, the cap on the number of sessions available for users has gone. As a result, calculation times are reduced when managing networks like 5G or IoT networks, where large numbers of base stations are involved. Check out the recording here.

The second session looks at redundant site identification. This session aims to optimise the network by nominating sites to be turned off without losing coverage or losing coverage criteria.  Check out the recording here.


While many of us have steered clear of air travel over the past two years, there are positive signs that the aviation sector is still active and showing potential for recovery.

ATDI has been operating in this sector for over three decades, providing specialist aviation support services for the industry.

But don't take our word for it, here are some of the activities in this sector:

Protecting military radars from 5G interference
Detecting aircraft during take-off and landing using ground control stations (direction finders)
S-Band remediation programme to allow the military to share with commercial users (WP)
MW link versus flight altitude analysis (case study)
Flight tracking features in HTZ
Compatibility between broadcast and instrument landing systems (case study)


We’re looking for an Office Admin Superhero who can manage our office in Washington DC. USA. This full-time role requires top-notch organisation skills, a go-get attitude and an aptitude to deal with staff and customers at all levels.

Preferred superhero power: multi-tasker, honesty and enthusiasm

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